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Why purchase a Automotive Jump Starter?
1. A portable emergency car jumpstarter can help jumpstart a dead or weak automotive battery without the help of another car. For example, leaving the headlights on when the engine is a common situation.

2. Keeping a portable automotive battery jumpstarter handy can put you in a position to help other stranded motorists.

3. Many portable car battery jumpstarters come equipped with emergency lights (a great source to help replace a tire by a dark roadside, for example).

4. Many portable car battery jumpstarters also come equipped with built-in air compressors to help inflate a car tire when the pressure is low. This helps with the overall gas mileage of your vehicle.

5. Portable automotive battery jumpstarters can also function as a great outdoor power source with a 200 watt inverter for small electrical appliances for events like camping.
6. A car jump starter with emergency light can help light up your house for days without dimming during those power blackouts!
7.  A 12v battery charger may come with a built-in 200 watt power inverter to keep a small electric fan running during a summer power outage!