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Car maintenance is a necessary part of life. It can also be a costly part. However, neglecting this basic responsibility can shorten the life of your vehicle as well can jeopardize the safety of the driver and others. Tire replacement is one of the more expensive aspects of vehicle maintenance. But as we motorists know, it is inevitable.

That is why I am such a big fan of the tire air compressor.  It is such a must-have tool for the everyday motorist.  Remember, a quality 12v air compressor can have many other features, including emergency light, portable ac power and car battery booster.  Taking good care of your tires help to lengthen their life span and contributes to safety to other motorists.
I own an SUV and when I did a tire check the other day, I noticed much wear was on the tread. I also noticed when I went online that tires for SUV's are generally more expensive than smaller cars. It can range from 0 to 0 per tire! So obviously, it would be a wise idea to allot a portion of your savings for the inevitable tire replacement, especially if you drive everyday.
My SUV has just above 60 thousand miles and is almost 4 years old, for instance, so a savings of roughly 0 per year, (depending on how often you drive), would probably suffice when it is time to make that purchase. However, studies show that tires reach their halfway point between 25 and 40 thousand miles. So my tires have significantly less grip during snow and rain and actually experts would have recommended me to change them a lot sooner.

Worn tires are obviously less effective on snow, especially if the vehicle is not a four-wheel or all-wheel drive. Also, when the grooves on the tires go down to 2/32 of an inch, the tread won't allow enough rain water to escape from underneath during higher speeds , making your vehicle more susceptible to hydroplaning.
Thinning tires will also be more prone to blow-outs. So driving with worn down tires can obviously pose a safety hazard. Under or over inflated tires are also more likely to blow out than properly inflated ones. I recommend checking your tire pressure about once a month. Keep an electric air pump with a pressure gage to help you get in the habit.

Recent national studies show nearly 50 percent of light trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles have at least one very worn tire. I believe if we all get more educated on the proper care of tires, we can save more gas, and also have safer roads. Tire blowouts are actually one of the top causes of motor vehicle accidents.

Determining the wear of you tires and when to replace them can actually be quite simple. One common way is the penny test. Just hold a penny vertically into the groove with the portrait of Lincoln upside down. If the top of the head of Lincoln is clearly showing, than it is time to change the tire!