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As one of Popular Mechanics 2010 Editor's Choice Award Winners you can feel confident and secure with this multi-tasking Jump Starter! (click here for article).  This 12v battery charger can do it all!  It's a car battery booster that also has a mobile power inverter (200 watt inverter) and electric air pump that can pump a completely flat tire in less than 10 minutes!

Output Voltage: 12V
Amperage: 18Ah
Power: 200W
Charge Rate: 1A
Brand: Energizer
Chemistry: AGM
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Product SKU/Part Number: UPG 84020
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1 Year Warranty

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  Starting power for boats, jet skis, and waverunners.




  The Marine Starter-Up 400 is perfect for starting boats and vehicles and, extra portable outdoor    power. It includes a maintenance-free, 12-volt 18-amp battery and a built-in, fully automatic battery charger. It's capable of starting 30 vehicles without recharging, and it can be stored up to three months without charging. It features heavy-duty No. 4 gauge 28" cables, as well as reverse hook-up protection. Weight: 12 pounds. 
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1 Year Warranty
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Product SKU/Part Number: UPG D5894
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For those on a budget, this little power station will give you a 12v battery charger security and light source and electric air pump for those leaky tires!
The built-in tire air compressor gushes 260 psi worth of air power!
- AC Adapter For Charging
- 12 Vlt Cord Adapter For Charging From Cigarette Lighter (to charge mobile phones and laptops!)
- Hi-Impact Resistant ABS Casing
- Inflation Up tp 260 psi
- 12 Vlt DC Output Socket wuth Overload Protection
- Charging Level / Battery Condition Indicator
- Built-In Work / Emergency Light.  
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Product SKU/Part Number: aut-js-wc

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1 Year Warranty
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Charge 'N Start 12V Battery Charger and Jump Starter
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12 Volts, Terminals: clips, weight 15.9 lbs, length 13.7 inches, width 10.2 inches


Length 13.7
Width 10.2
Height 9.3
Terminals Clips
Product SKU/Part Number: UPG 71715

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1 Year Warranty

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Starter Up 120 Jump Starter
Light-weight and durable, this Starter Up 120 starts up to 12 vehicles without recharging and stores up to 2 months without charging. Free Shipping! 

Manufacturer: Universal Power Group
Model: Starter-Up 120 Jump Starter
Weight 12
Length 8
Width 6.7
Height 8.9

Warranty: 1 Year
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Product SKU/Part Number: UPG 71910
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UPG Power Up with Flexlight

Along with the flexible light source, this UPG Power Up has overload protection with 15 Amp resettable circuit breaker.
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Manufacturer Universal Power Group
Model UPG Power Up with Flexlight
Weight 13

Warranty 1 Year
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Product SKU/Part Number: UPG 71900
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Starter Up Marine 120

UPG Starter Up Marine 120 Jump Starter is a portable source of 12-volt DC that provides starting power source to failed marine batteries. It is used to power many accessories including cellular phones, laptops and radios. This starter feature a built in, fully automatic battery charger and heavy duty plastic clamps with copper jaws that provide solid connection to side or top post batteries. It consists of 12 Volt DC cigarette socket output and 8 gauge output flex-cables with 200 Amp claws. More details...
Warranty 1 Year
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Product SKU/Part Number: UPG D5895
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12 Ah battery delivers 200 CA
Rugged polypropylene case
12V DC socket for operating accessories; protected by 15A circuit breaker
Heavy duty, 400A insulated metal battery clamps  More Details...
1 Year Warranty
Product number:  UPG 84021
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  • Heavy-duty 400A insulated metal battery clamps
  • Portable and built tough enough to handle any job
  • Clear controls and instructions make it easy to use
  • Compact 14.5” x 12” x 14” size, so it easily tucks away in trunk  More Details
  • 1 Year Warranty
    Product number:  UPG 84022
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