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In this age of technology, we all can take electricity for granted until we actually lose access to it. It is amazing how crippled we can be without it and how much electricity has become a necessity. From refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, microwave ovens, cell phone chargers and of course,to light bulbs, the electrical companies have become a lifeline for our much needed appliances.

Just recently, around mid-July 2010, a severe wind and rain storm hit the east coast towards the end of the my work day and knocked out power lines and traffic lights. The storm only lasted a few minutes, but the damages was in the thousands of dollars. 
The storm forced my work building to close early due to the power outage. The power was still not restored in our building the following day as utility trucks and vans struggled and hustled to fix power lines. Many residential and business areas were without power for days.

On one hot and humid summer night a few weeks after the storm, the power in our apartment complex suddenly went out for about an hour or two. My wife and I, and all the residents were all depending on our air conditioners and window fans and all of a sudden we were at the mercy of the stifling heat.
I recommend every household keep matches, lighters, candles and flashlights handy.  Small electric fans that can run from a mobile power inverter can also be useful if the air conditioner shuts down during a summer power outage. Some of these portable ac power units come with an emergency light that can last for days.  These cordless units can have a 200 watt inverter that can also power up other small electric appliances like laptops and cell phones. 
Also, keep a large cooler in the house to keep food items like milk and meat from spoiling if the refrigerator is out for more than two hours. Avoid using grills and generators indoors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Hopefully power outages are not common in your area, but these are some ways to prepare.
These are just some of the reasons JumpandGo was created - to provide quality emergency tools that we often don't think about or realize are available. Not only do we provide quality car battery boosters, we like to inform our customers of the other aspects some have, like 200 watt power inverters.