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Providing Quality Battery Jump Starters for Automobiles and Water Vehicles!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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Great Low Prices!
Pump your tires in your own drive way in just minutes!

Jump Start your vehicle without a second car!

Instant Outdoor Power Source and Roadside Emergency Light!
Marine Jump Starters for boats, jet skis, and waverunners!
Our Online Store is dedicated to supplying you with some basic emergency automotive tools that are often overlooked: Portable Battery Jump Starter Air Compressors! We specialize in car battery chargers with air compressors and power sources with some that include built-in inverters.

Have you ever had your car battery drained from leaving the headlights on all day and no one was around to jump start your car? Have you ever had low pressure on a tire and had to drive to the nearest gas station with a nearly flat tire?  Or...have you ever been camping and needed an outdoor power source for small appliances like your radio or cell phone charger?

Well, is here to supply these quality portable battery chargers with Air Compressors along with power sources and inverters and provide you with peace of mind while you drive.
Plus, for those who own boats, jet skis, and waverunners, our marine jump starters are perfect and more specialized and durable for these types.
Of course, for those that need a more multi-functional jump starter that can do it all with a light source and a built-in 200 watt inverter, not to mention a powerful tire air compressor, we have our best selling Energizer All-in-One Jump Start!
Again, we provide a variety of portable, cordless, and rechargeable 12 volt battery jump starters with the lowest prices and free shipping on all items!

Thank you for your interest in where we provide only top quality cordless car battery chargers and marine jumpstarters most of which are not sold in stores.

Practical Applications

A car battery booster will get you back on the road in no time with a 12v battery charger.  It is no fun being stuck alone in a dark parking lot with a dead battery in some remote desolate area.  You can save hours waiting for a friend or a tow truck, the inconvenience of flagging down a stranger for help, not to mention an unplanned towing expense.  Many of our auto battery chargers also come with and electric air pump.
A tire air inflater can get you in the habit  of checking your tires about once a month.  A powerful 250 psi 12v air compressor can fill a completely flat tire in under 10 minutes.  Did you know that under-inflated tires will shorten the life of your tires, can lower you mileage and may actually be more prone to blowouts?  Get safe and practical and keep a car air pump handy.
Do you live in an area where power outages are common?  Does your family like bringing small electronic gadgets to the beach or camping grounds?  How about if you are a passionate author who can spend hours outdoors with your laptop, in the presence of nature while you write your novel?
  A mobile power inverter can come in handy when you need to power up your cell phone, radio, laptop and more when you need to be outdoors.  A 200 watt inverter will be sufficient when you need some portable ac power to juice up your personal gadgets!  
The inconvenience of power outages can be a fact of life during those rough storms, so always prepare yourself.  A car batter booster with portable ac power, for instance may come with a built-in work light that can shine brightly for days and a mobile power inverter for much needed appliances, like small electric fans, to temporarily replace air conditioners during those summer power outages.

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